Hello & Welcome

I’m Alicia

Pranic Healer & Reiki Master

My whole life, I have always known I wanted to help others and knew it had something to do with certain abilities I had.

I began my journey with Reiki in the beginning of March 2021. I learned originally to just help family and friends.

After some time, I realized I wanted to help others on a higher level. I began my path to become a Reiki Master.

Yet, I did not want to stop on my journey. I knew something else was out there. That’s when I found Pranic Healing. I was automatically drawn to something I never knew of its existence. Yet something about it felt so familiar for me.

I am excited to learn more and follow down this unique path.

I am absolutely grateful to my amazingly sweet and patient husband. As well as my intelligent, sweet, beautiful daughter.

PhotoCredit to Sissela Johansson