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Alicia is such a gentle soul, Ive never had a Pranic Healing experience before but Im so glad it was with her. Feeling super relaxed and a new sense of breath. Thank you Alicia ✨

Giovanny Diaz

Alícia was my first experience with Reiki and Pranic Healing. One session of Reiki with her was such powerful experience of stress relief. Alícia made me feel at ease right away and I felt so relaxed that I drifted in and out of sleep, which strengthened my inner peace. I also did a Pranic healing with her. I never knew it existed and it was a life changing experience. For the past few years I had issues with my left knee from a car accident and after only one session the pain is no longer there. Today, after 3 months I can say the pain has not come back and it’s such a Blessing. Alicia truly has a true gift for helping others and I am so greatful for her using her healing powers on me. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking healing power of Reiki and Pranic.

Lourdes Garcia

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